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Our production can be answer sterile environments that are needed by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food companies and electronic product manufacturers.

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We provide best quality products and services to our customers.

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Our organization runs to your help immediately in case of a possible failure.

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We always keep up with technology.

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We are avaible for any time you need. Offers or produt detailed information. Our Expert personel will contact you as soon as possible on export@estekhijyenik.com.tr

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Our main purpose is establish a close relationship with the customer and understand our customer needs.


Our main purpose is establish a close relationship with the customer and understand our customer needs.

%100 Healty

In our products used materials and product standards and compliance with EU directives are provided

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Our organization has its own expert team for service and maintance.

Who are we?

Estek Hygienic Air Flow Units Construction Engineering Industry Limited Company Has been established in 2017 in Izmir Kemalpaşa. Our organization provides, that are using where the sterile enviroments needed by hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, food establisments and electronic product manufacturers. Clean room and hygienic air flow unit products are producting in our production and test in limeted and accredited instututions in our country. In fact of our procuts are realy important for using in our country and many different sectors. In addition, air sterilization technologies are constantly important in the international arena. Our organization aims to have a voice in the industry and internationally with the high quality products it produces and the clean air it provides.

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Our organization ensures that hygienic air qualities comply with the material and standards with the EU directives, and is passed through the accreditation institution tests.


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